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The Sheldon Creed Archive is a place where you can find all of the pictures that are available of racecars that Sheldon Creed has driven in his racing career.

 Welcome to your home for historical information on the driving career of Sheldon Creed. The Sheldon Creed Archive will continue the tradition of being the most complete archive of pictures and related stats of nearly all of the cars that Sheldon has driven professionally, in many different series. Hopefully you will find some pictures here that you won't see anywhere else on the 'net!

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Please remember, I will be adding more sections of pictures of racecars that Sheldon has driven as I get them.  For example, Late Model, ARCA, and many more.



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Sheldon's  ARCA Career. 

 Sheldon has been competed in the ARCA series since 2016. 

2010's ARCA Starter Page




Sheldon's  Nascar Truck Series Career. 

 Sheldon started in the NASCAR Truck series in 2016. 


Sheldon's  Nascar Xfinity Series Career. 

 Sheldon started racing in the NASCAR Truck series in 2017.